My name is Lamar F. Proctor, Jr., and I am working hard to be your next District Court Judge in Orange and Chatham Counties.  I am the only candidate with over twenty years of real jury trial experience.  I have litigated a wide array of cases including murder, felony child abuse, sexual assault, drug trafficking, domestic violence, and property crimes as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.  I am also committed to the justice reform our country desperately needs.  I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2020 in the Democratic primary.  No Republican candidate has filed for this seat; so, the March 3rd primary election is dispositive!

District Court Judges deal with a wide array of legal cases including, but not limited to, criminal and traffic offenses, family law cases, child abuse and neglect allegations, and juvenile delinquency petitions. I believe that a good judge needs four qualities to enable them to serve the lawyers and public in his or her capacity as judge in handling so many different types of cases. These qualities are experience, fairness, integrity, and respect.

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