Why vote for Lamar?

District Court Judges deal with a wide array of legal cases including, but not limited to:

  • Criminal and traffic offenses
  • Family law cases
  • Child abuse and neglect allegations
  • Juvenile delinquency petitions


I believe that a good judge needs four qualities to enable them to serve the lawyers and public in handling so many different types of cases. These qualities are experience, fairness, integrity, and respect.



A judge needs both professional and real-life experience to properly follow the law and to wisely handle the cases that come before them.

I grew up in a low-income, single-parent household working hard at various jobs including roofing, painting, and food service to obtain my education and begin my legal career in public service.

I have two decades of litigation and jury and bench trial experience in the courtrooms of both North Carolina and New York City. Handling nearly every type of criminal case has also given me experience with family law, juvenile delinquency, and abuse and neglect cases.

I am a father of two school-age children.  Being a parent is important to understanding the needs of parents and children in the many family law, abuse and neglect, and domestic violence cases.

I am committed to using my unique experience in the service of everyone involved in our District Courts in Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Pittsboro, and Siler City.



A judge needs to be fair.

I have twenty years of public service as both a prosecutor and as a public defender.  During my many years as a prosecutor, I earned a reputation of being committed to seeking justice for victims while being fair to and respecting the humanity of those charged with crimes.

The court system should hold people accountable for their actions but also give them the opportunity and tools to overcome the difficulties that brought them to court in the first place. I am committed both to knowing the law and to following the law regardless of personal feelings about the result.



A judge needs demonstrated integrity so that attorneys and the public will respect and be confident in their decisions on the bench.

  • Served on the Governor’s Crime Control Commission, Child Abuse Section
  • Former member of the NC Conference of District Attorneys Best Practices
  • Committee advising prosecutors across our state on how to fairly and ethically litigate their cases.
  • President of the Orange County Bar Association
  • Devoted and committed husband of nineteen years

I am committed to applying my ethical and moral values to the cases that come before me to reach a just result in every case.



Finally, a judge needs to show respect to everyone who appears in court, creating public confidence that all cases are fully and fairly heard and that justice is served to our community.

  • Served the Orange and Chatham County court system for fourteen years as a prosecutor appearing almost daily in court interacting respectfully and professionally with everyone in the courtroom.
  • Served the victims of crime as a volunteer instructor to local victim advocate agencies.
  • Served helping defendants through organizations like the Orange County Re-entry Council and through a commitment to drug treatment courts and mental health courts.

I am committed to maintaining a respectful courtroom in all cases that come before me.